OWHL Introduces Stacklife

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Stacklife is the Library’s First Student-Driven Collaborative Project 

Interested in a new method of research that streamlines and enhances how you explore library resources? Check out Stacklife at the Oliver Wendhell Holmes Library. Andover student Darius Lam ’17 worked closely with OWHL Director Mike Barker and colleagues at NOBLE to develop Stacklife@NOBLE, a virtual catalog that facilitates the discovery of library materials. Users are able to browse within the vast resources of the entire NOBLE network and view their search results as if they were on a single shelf. The thinking is that, if users are looking for a book on a specific topic like the Colonial Era, they would want to see all the books in that subject area together in one spot, whether the experience is in person or online. The act of browsing the physical shelf is a useful research skill that the OWHL has always emphasized. Once a user finds a good book, taking a few minutes to see what is shelved around it can lead to other great resources. With Stacklife, the OWHL is able to replicate that same research experience online. Read more about the library’s innovative project on its Web site.


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