Art Exhibit Announced: Divergent Thinking, Global Imagination

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We are excited to announce the call for student art submissions and the creation of a planning committee for our Learning in the World Art Exhibit, “Divergent Thinking and Global Imagination,” which will take place in April 2016 at Andover in the Steinbach Lobby. Students who have participated in a LITW program are invited to contribute art to the exhibit and to join he planning committee to organize, curate, and coordinate the event.

Divergent Thinking & Global Imagination: Reflections from Learning in the World

Submissions should address the following prompt:

Recent research confirms a belief that has long been celebrated by practitioners, teachers, and scholars of experiential and global education: that immersive cultural experiences can markedly increase our capacity for divergent thinking or the ability to generate creative ideas and many possible approaches to a task or question. This skill can often be developed in the context of a new experience, as we  navigate a new geography, encounter another culture, immerse ourselves in a foreign language, and connect with people and ideas that are different from our own. Did divergent thinking play a role in your LITW experience? How did you explore new pathways and creative thinking when presented with novel concepts, new experiences, challenges, cultures, and circumstances?

Students may express their interest in participating by filling out this form. We request expressions of interest be completed by Wednesday, January 27, 2016; work will be collected in early February. A planning meeting will occur on  Tuesday, January 26, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m,  at the Tang Institute in Pearson C. Interested faculty members and students are most welcome to join the conversation.


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