The Tang Institute is dedicated to helping Andover prepare students for tomorrow’s complex and interconnected world. Drawing on the imaginations of community members, the Institute cultivates innovative approaches to connected learning on campus and beyond.


What is Connected Learning?

Connected learning encourages students to draw connections between online and offline experiences; between disciplines and among teachers; and among the various networks in which they engage as global citizens. Tying together a student’s in-school and out-of-school activities and interests not only helps to make learning fun and keep students engaged, but also prepares them for the lives they’ll lead later.

Our Programs

Ideas Lab welcomes new and continuing faculty fellows each year to pursue projects that explore new approaches to teaching and learning.

Hybrid@Andover encompasses an array of ventures to test, assess, and share hybrid learning content and practices.

Learning in the World provides in-depth, off-campus learning experiences for students.

Get Involved

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