Our partners play an important role across all of our work at the Tang Institute, including our Ideas Lab projects, Learning in the World (LITW) programs, and Hybrid@Andover explorations. In collaboration with colleagues on campus as well as a host of external partners, we initiate, develop, and advance projects and programs designed to enhance Andover’s teaching and learning while engaging educators and others beyond our immediate community.


Internal Collaboration

With a focus on entrepreneurial exploration, the Tang Institute collaborates with faculty, administrators, and other community members—through projects, events, and other programming—in developing initiatives aimed at strengthening the educational experience.

External Partnership

Engaging external partners and diverse audiences provides a means of realizing deeper impact while also enabling participation in local and global conversations around the future of education. As well, we engage in ongoing discussion with entities across sectors and geographies to explore the nuances of and compelling trends related to teaching and learning, entrepreneurship, digital citizenship, and other themes and topics related to our work.