Developing Your Visual Voice


Developing Your Visual Voice: Experimental Documentary

Grade 8 | Lower School Institute (Hybrid)

What do you care about? What do you love? What do you wonder? In this class, students will have the opportunity to develop their own language and visual articulation around the issues that matter most. Like our other hybrid offerings, this five-week program combines on-campus experiences with online learning. Experimental Documentary begins with two weeks of residency on Phillips Academy’s campus followed by three weeks of online experience, engaging students in coursework and preparation through a variety of online platforms, computer-based learning experiences, and group critiques. Students will apply what they have learned in the on-campus residency portion of the course to complete their final video project. During their time on campus, students will utilize the school’s excellent facilities and resources to present their video sketches in site-specific projections around campus.

Designed for rising 8th-graders as part of our Lower School Institute, only one section will be offered in 2017:

  • On campus: Students will reside at Phillips Academy from June 26 to July 9, engaging in in-person classes, lab activities, and field trips.
  • Online: Students will receive instruction and work independently from their homes July 10–30.

With input and support from classmates, and through a series of in-class and online exercises, writings, sound recordings, documentary screenings, and sketches, by the end of the five-week session students will have created compelling videos that express their concerns through moving images. Formats can range from stop motion to video collage and everything in between. Location is an important element in reaching an audience and creating an experience for the viewer, and students will explore presentations of video beyond the monitor, television, and cell phone. In-progress projects in the form of quick video sketches will be screened on flat screens and projection installations around campus.

We will look at artists, from the birth of video art in the 1960s to the present, whose works convey their political and personal views through imagery, sound, and action, and who address these issues in unconventional formats. Take advantage of this opportunity to share your ideas and solutions. Get the word out!

Prerequisite: No video editing experience necessary. Students must have a laptop or ipad with iMovie and a video camera or other device with HD quality video recording capability.