Submitting a Project Proposal

We welcome individual or collaborative project proposals focused on exploring innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Reach out with questions and ideas at

The deadline is Friday, November 18, 2016. Apply now by completing the proposal form.

Areas of Focus

In 2017-2018, we are especially eager to deepen and grow the following areas of focus through fellows’ projects:

  • Hybrid@Andover: Pilots focused on exploring the possibilities of hybrid and online learning experiences and materials for students at Andover and beyond.
  • Ideas Lab: Faculty-led projects that center on creative approaches to teaching and learning. Efforts could include explorations of pedagogy, curriculum development, the use of new tools or research, and a variety of other initiatives.
  • Learning in the World (LITW): Projects focused on connections between LITW experiences and our regular program, on topics such as global citizenship, cross-cultural collaboration, and experiential learning.

Ideas in various stages of development—including early explorations and concepts, existing efforts that need additional support, and novel projects to incubate and develop—are most welcome. We also encourage faculty applicants to consider collaborative or interdisciplinary efforts that involve faculty colleagues, instructional partners, and/or other community members, in addition to students.

Project Planning

Working with the Tang Institute team, fellows are asked to develop a clear, flexible workplan and timeline for their efforts, including regular opportunities to share their work with colleagues and with the broader community. Fellows will share regular project developments via posts to the Institute blog, open discussions, workshops, and other forums. Flexible models for assessment will also be developed and applied to each project.