Hybrid Arabic


Beginning Arabic is a yearlong team-taught online class that integrates synchronous and asynchronous Web tools in teaching and learning. There will be one synchronous required meeting each week, and the instructors will offer optional conference times in addition. Students work with a variety of online media to master the Arabic alphabet and sounds, build vocabulary, develop speaking and listening skills, and acquire grammar concepts at the basic level. Students learn how to speak about themselves, their families, and their environment; to initiate and sustain conversations; and to compose several paragraphs related to their daily routine. Students also read authentic short texts on familiar topics and discuss their main ideas. This course focuses on Modern Standard Arabic with an exposure to Levantine colloquial through music, songs, and short videos. By the end of the course, students gain a solid command of linguistic structures and skills in Modern Standard Arabic at the basic level as well as a deeper understanding and appreciation of Arab culture and art. Students’ progress is assessed through performance on weekly assignments and projects. This course, listed as “Beginning Arabic ARA121 ARA122 ARA123 (F-W-S),”  is offered by the Eight Schools Association and is taught by Georges Chahwan at Choate Rosemary Hall and Samar Moushabeck at Deerfield Academy. Prerequisites: Completion of language requirement and permission of the World Languages Division Head. For more information, visit