Hybrid Greek


Beginning Attic Greek is a collaborative online class that employs both synchronous and asynchronous Web tools in teaching and learning. This course will not only introduce the vocabulary, forms, and syntax of Attic Greek, but also the thoughts, feelings, and actions that characterized Greek culture. When we say “Attic Greek,” we mean the Greek of Periclean Athens when the civilization was at its apex. We will use a mixture of online modules to provide grammatical and syntactical lessons along with textbook work to supply grammatical practice and readings in authentic Greek. Additionally, we will be using a suite of Web-enhanced tools and applications to connect students at different ESA peer institutions in their endeavor to learn Attic Greek together. The course will feature project-based and collaborative assessments, using both translation and composition. Students will submit weekly work for assessment and self-evaluation to chart their own progress. There also will be some self-directed research projects, which will allow students to explore individual interests. This course is offered by the Eight Schools Association and is lited as “ESA Beginning Attic Greek CLA150A CLA150B (F-W).” For more information, visit