Prove It! Upper Level Analytic Geometry


Prove It! Upper Level Analytic Geometry

Grades 9–12 | Upper School (Online)

In this fully online five-week course, Upper School students will experience a comprehensive introduction to the mathematical concepts and rules underlying similarity, right triangles, circles, area, surface area, and volume. This course is intended to follow a course on proof where students have studied congruence of triangles, parallelism and quadrilaterals; prior knowledge of these topics is essential for placement into this course. Through guided exercises using dynamic software and instructional videos, students will work with a geometry coach to become proficient in the inner workings of geometric shapes, angles and their relationship to the natural world. For more information, visit the Summer Session website.

Please note: There will be synchronous course meetings required of students in this course, with specific days and times to be determined. Contact the Summer Session office for the most up-to-date details.