Jointly organized by the Tang Institute and the Oliver Wendell Holmes Library (OWHL), “Entrepreneurship at PA” (E@PA), kicked off with a Friday night event series. This initial five-session series is providing students with a platform for developing an entrepreneurial mindset, including identifying and dissecting challenges, developing solutions, employing human-centered design skills, and communicating ideas. A range of entrepreneurial professionals, including Katherine Londergan ’00, Michael Maness, Kanyi Maqubela ’03, Stuart Paap, and John Palfrey are leading discussions.

Collaborators: Tang Institute, OWHL 

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Why Entrepreneurship?

Research has shown the importance of developing in young people an entrepreneurial mindset, in order to help them thrive in an increasingly complex, dynamic, and interconnected world. The core elements of entrepreneurship—identifying and dissecting challenges, developing ideas, building ventures, collaborating, and creating solutions—relate to many sectors and arenas.

As young people progress through their academic and professional lives—regardless of their chosen vocation—they will be called upon to navigate issues and challenges that require creativity, work toward collective buy-in, assessment, management of risk, agility, and courage, among other skills. Encouraging students to understand and embody the entrepreneurial journey while still in school offers the potential to build a foundation on which they may hone their desire and ability to think and act in entrepreneurial ways, both during their time at school and beyond.

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