Technovation Challenge at PA


With a focus on entrepreneurial exploration, the Tang Institute supports faculty, administrators, and other community members as they engage students in real-world learning experiences that empower them not just to think like innovators but to be innovators. One of the main benefits of bringing the challenge to PA is that it allows female students to experience the professional world of computer science in a fun and practical way. Technovation Challenge also helps students to develop their collaboration and problem-solving skills, as they must work in teams to address real-world problems through technology.

Collaborators: Andover Students, Members of Educational Intiatives and Mathematics Departments

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In the span of just twelve weeks, students are tasked with accomplishing four key goals:

  • To create a mobile application, either for an Android or an iPhone, that solves a problem in their communities.
  • To think like entrepreneurs by evaluating market research and then creating a business plan to sell their product.
  • To collaborate with a team of people with whom they have not previously worked.
  • To present their work to a panel of judges in a public forum.

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