Fellows Projects

The Ideas Lab is where faculty fellows test, grow, and share bold, forward-thinking ideas related to the wide range of connected learning possibilities. These projects often cross disciplines and blend various aspects of life and learning.


Current Projects

Andover Math Problems

An innovative online platform designed to help faculty curate and share with one another an intelligent, member-rated database of math problems.

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A community-oriented project to develop a database–shareable among students and fellow astronomers–that organizes and classifies images of the sky by project types.

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Chinese Cloud Peers

Emphasizing cross-cultural understanding, collaboration, and communication, this project enables Andover students to interact with students in China.

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I Can’t Do That...Yet

This ongoing project focuses on helping students to overcome the inevitable challenge and struggle of learning–and on sharing successful classroom strategies with a network of educators.

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Mapping and Teaching the Haitian Revolution

A project to create a new interdisciplinary course on the Haitian Revolution and its Caribbean and American consequences.

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The Mental Edge

This project introduces student-athletes to techniques and theories in the field of sport psychology that can be used to help enhance personal and athletic performance and growth.

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Mindful Community

Going into its second year, this project aims to support community members — students, staff, and faculty — in their cultivation of mindfulness in daily life.

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Reimagining Chemistry

This project is exploring a pivot from an approach that utilizes a traditional textbook to one that leverages online materials and blended learning.

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Scientific Learning

Drawing on interdisciplinary, applied pedagogical approaches, the project aims to identify and assess student learning outcomes in science courses. 

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