Andover Math Problems: An Iterative and Incremental Solution

Project Overview

For years PA’s math faculty have shared math problems that they developed for tests and quizzes in an as-needed, mostly written form. But Hugon envisioned a streamlined, technology-based system that could enable colleagues to exchange best practices and do their jobs more efficiently. The result is Andover Math Problems, an online platform that Jacques Hugon is designing to help faculty curate and share an intelligent, member-rated database of math problems.

Technology Partner and Fellow: JACQUES HUGON ’79

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Platform Enhancements

Hugon is currently enhancing the platform on a number of fronts and testing and refining it in collaboration with colleagues. As the platform continues
to develop, there may be opportunities to use it in other departments and to share it with larger academic teaching audience.

The platform provides faculty with a number of ways to use the system and to contribute to it, including:

  • Knowledge share: As teachers are able to add new content to the database—including problems, answers, and graphs—and tag their contributions by course and topic, the platform becomes more robust and easy to search.
  • Dynamic rating system: The platform’s rating system operates similarly to a travel review site. Teachers may vote, for instance, on how easy or difficult a problem is and thereby enable colleagues to make informed choices as they compile tests and quizzes. The system also enables these ratings to evolve over time.
  • Flexibility in output and response: The teacher can export the problems from the database to a variety of external formats, such as PDF and Excel, and can connect the problems with Canvas, the school’s Learning Management System. The database also has the ability to handle several types of question and answer formats, such as multiple choice, free response, and potentially others in the future.