"I Can't Do That... Yet": Cultivating a Learning Disposition


The cultivation of a learning disposition, understood by this project as a set of qualities that help students respond positively to the inevitable challenge and struggle of learning, is a crucial component for successfully preparing and educating a 21st century student. By creating a toolkit for teachers and educators, Tang Fellow Noah Rachlin provides resources and guidance to foster the development of a learning disposition in every student, in every classroom.

Key Concepts

Noah highlights the key concepts and what matters most when undertaking this work.

Read full PDF on key concepts.

Classroom Strategies

Three example strategies that Noah has implemented in his own classroom teaching.

Click on the thumbnail to open to the full PDF on concrete classroom strategies

Read the full PDF on concrete classroom strategies

Curriculum in Action

Noah’s notes from his weekly sessions illustrate how to put this curriculum into action.

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Read the full PDF on “Curriculum in Action”


  • Concrete Classroom Strategies (PDF)
  • Curriculum in Action (PDF)
  • “I Can’t Do That Yet” Chart (PDF)
  • Key Concepts (PDF)
  • Project Description (PDF)