South Africa & Arts



The department of Theatre & Dance has shaped a travel program to South Africa that explores artistic and cultural fusions. This includes the fusion of artistic disciplines, mediums and genres as well as of cultural traditions and racial identities. Students have an opportunity to interact with a variety of performing arts organizations and schools, and learn about South Africa’s dynamic social and political history, and perform at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival. 

Please note that the South Africa & Arts Program is open only to students that auditioned and were selected to the spring 2016 play, and that will also be participating in the THDA 920 course.

Date: On hiatus 2017
Number of Students: 15
Program Director: Erin Strong
Themes: Arts, Culture, History

The departments of Art, Theatre & Dance and Music are shaping a travel program to South Africa that will explore artistic and cultural Fusions. We plan to create performance pieces fusing our own departmental disciplines, while also learning artistic traditions already present within South African art forms, and how those traditions are used to reflect/influence socio-political issues. Ultimately we hope to see our students interacting with South African students to create work that fuses American/Western artistic traditions with those of South Africa, while simultaneously raising awareness among our own students about South Africa’s history and its challenges.


For more information on the South Africa program, please contact Erin Strong, Peter Cirelli, or Therese Zemlin.