Carmen Muñoz

In partnership with the Learning in the World group and the Dean of Studies, during the Institute’s planning phase we focused on: (1) strengthening the infrastructure for existing and new off-campus learning programs, and, (2) cultivating and channeling faculty energy and student engagement that are essential to driving program creation, expansion, and evolution. Funded by a generous grant from the Abbot Academy Association, Carmen is helping to advance current priorities and lead new efforts during 2014-15 and to build upon and expand our planning year initiatives.


During 2014-15, we are working closely with program leaders to:

  • Develop a shared vision, statement of purpose and criteria for program assessment
  • Develop a clear, streamlined toolkit for faculty who are interested in building upon a current program and/or developing a new program.
  • Engaging the entire faculty in conversations around the role of global perspectives and experiences in our program overall
  • Foster curricular innovation by developing common orientation and post-programming processes
  • Cultivate new partnerships and partnership models (e.g. SESC School in Brazil, new collaborators in Kunming, Riverside School in India, Niswarth partnership with Exeter)
  • Incubate and implement new programs, re-introduce previous programs in 2015
  • Strengthen our budget and fundraising processes

Process initiatives include:

  • Rolling out and expanding our online application process
  • Streamlining and updating risk management forms and processes
  • Coordinating shared learning among program directors
  • Providing up to date information and education for students, faculty, and parents about all relevant programs