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The Tang Institute supports continuing fellows and a range of new fellows with promising ideas to enhance teaching and learning.

Tracy Ainsworth

Quiet Schools

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Noureddine El Alam

Project-Based Statistics

Allen Grimm

Andover Arts Awareness

Therese Zemlin

Math and Art Collaboration

Marisela Ramos

The Rainbow at PA

Nick Zufelt

Heidi Wall

Promoting Mastery through Portfolio Assessment

Andrea Bailey

Corrie Martin

Rafael Kelman

Chris Jones

Clara Isaza-Bishop

Purpose and Proficiency in Spanish Curricula

Katherine Matheson

Lani Silversides

Leon Calleja

Patrick Rielly

Jose Peralta

Kiran Bhardwaj

Catherine Kemp

Lilia Cai-Harteau

Kurt Prescott

Teaching Religious Studies: A Digital Resource

Juan Gabriel Sanchez