How To Apply

Calling 2019-2020 Fellows!

The Tang Institute at Andover is calling for 2019–2020 Tang Institute fellowship proposals that focus on supporting student learning at Phillips Academy and within the broader educational landscape. In 2019–2020, the Institute encourages project proposals with a particular emphasis on one or a combination of the following emerging areas of education: project-based learning, equity and inclusion, instructional coaching, pedagogy, and interdisciplinary learning. Creative interpretations of these themes and ideas in other areas of teaching and learning are also welcome. Andover faculty members may submit proposals as interdisciplinary teams or as individuals with plans to collaborate in specific areas. They are also encouraged to engage collaborators from instructional units and support services. For more information, please contact

The deadline for proposals is Monday, November 5, 2018. Apply now by completing the proposal form.

Areas of Focus

In 2019-2020, we are especially eager to deepen and grow the following areas of focus through fellows’ projects:

1. Project-Based Learning

This track will explore project-based learning on a larger scale at Andover, including the possibility of combining more than one class into an immersive learning experience for students and potentially developing a school-within-a-school model at Andover.

2. Equity and Inclusion

This track is open to projects that continue to advance the work of equity and inclusion on campus. Projects with a curricular focus will likely work closely with the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies.

3. Instructional Coaching

Individuals in this track will be asked to do several days of professional learning at a conference over the summer. They will mentor two-to-three teachers weekly in a collaborative, non-evaluative manner during the term in which they receive their course reduction.

4. Pedagogy

Fellows in this track track will continue to explore innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Projects that span more than one department will work closely with the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies.

5. Interdisciplinary

We seek collaborations that will bring together two (or more) academic departments. We are particularly interested in teachers who are interested in bringing interdisciplinary perspectives into core courses (taken earlier in the academic program by a large number of students) as opposed to upper-level electives.

Project Planning

Working with the Tang Institute team, fellows are asked to develop a workplan and timeline for their efforts. Fellows will be asked to share their work throughout the year through posts to the Institute Blog, community discussions and workshops, and exchanges with local and global partners. To the extent possible, we will schedule fellows in the same tracks into a common free period. This will enable collaborative work together on a weekly basis that will support and sustain the ongoing learning of individuals and the group.