Learn, Connect, Grow

Our work is focused on enriching teaching and learning, on campus and in partnership with local and global communities. We are creating opportunities for students that are interdisciplinary in nature and help the Academy grow in relation to the priorities of the 2014 Strategic Plan. Tang Institute fellows and collaborators work together and individually to enrich student learning in five areas of focus: equity and inclusion, interdisciplinary, pedagogy, instructional coaching, and a new effort to pilot a school within a school at Andover.

School within a School

What is School within a School?

Piloting a new model for connected learning and collaboration.

Reimagining Teaching and Learning at Andover

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Meet the Team

Meet the 19-20 School within a School faculty and collaborators.

Equity & Inclusion

Projects in this area will continue to advance the work of equity and inclusion on campus, with the goal of nurturing the academic and personal growth of all students as they navigate a complex, intentionally diverse learning community. We support Andover’s continued progress toward full equity by helping to enhance the educational program and support systems to prepare students for life at and beyond Andover

Anti-Racist Advocacy in Education Systems

An examination into our own history with race and racism as we seek to learn about, promote, and support anti-racist work in our classrooms.

The Rainbow at PA

This project will investigate and implement strategies for helping to make our campus one that visibly welcomes, represents, and embraces LGBTQ+ students and adults.

Teaching Religious Studies: A Digital Resource

A new digital resource aims to enhance teaching on religious studies and increase religious literacy in students for our increasingly globalized world.

Reflective Pedagogy

Imaginative pedagogy has long distinguished Andover’s academic excellence. To maintain a vibrant and cooperative intellectual community, we must formally implement this pursuit across the curriculum. We affirm a commitment to pedagogical and curricular innovation in which the analog and the digital complement each other. We will use novel and tailored methods to explore a dynamic course of study that introduces different points of view, provides the foundation for rigorous critical analysis, and encourages thoughtful problem-solving

Instructional Coaching

Instructional coaches will collaborate with colleagues, observing their classes and offering feedback in a supportive, non-evaluative manner.

Purpose and Proficiency in Spanish Curricula

The goal is to create a program of language study that puts student interests and needs at the center, while preparing them to interact in real situations in Spanish.

Redesigning BIO100

The goal of this project is to restructure PA’s BIO100 curriculum to enable teachers and students to explore biological themes through different lenses, such as evolution, cell biology, and biochemistry

Promoting Mastery through Portfolio Assessment

This project will explore the possibility of implementing a portfolio-based approach to assessment in the math classroom.

Action Research: Alternative Assessments in Chinese Classes

This project seeks to take a data-driven, evidence-based approach to redesigning assessments with the goal of advancing student learning in the Chinese classroom.

Quiet Schools

Exploring ways to effectively support the needs of introverted students, this project aims to identify and leverage the strengths of introverts and share resources on how to make learning spaces more "quiet friendly"

Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning

The Institute continues to support Andover’s Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in increasing interdisciplinary learning opportunities for students and embedding intellectual inquiry into race-class-gender-sexuality and other aspects of identity into the academic program. This year’s new fellows in this area are exploring interdisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning in foundational courses at Andover.

Teaching Ethics in Computer Science

Tang Fellows Kiran Bhardwaj and Nicholas Zufelt will develop ways to embed ethical deliberation into existing STEM curricula, beginning with CSC509.

Project-Based Statistics

This is a community-based learning statistics course that will enable students to implement learned knowledge to work with communities.

Mindfulness Initiatives

Public Events

The Mindfulness Speaker Series will continue during the 19-20 school year! Please check back soon for information on speakers and programming.

Mindful Performance

This project explores how mindfulness can improve student performance, contributing and expanding on the mindfulness work already being done on campus.

Mindful Community

Now in its fifth year, the Mindful Community project is supporting community members in their cultivation of mindfulness in daily life.