Develop & Share

We welcome community ideas in various stages of development that span a wide range of teaching and learning topics. To date we have seen clusters of projects form in three, emerging—and often overlapping—areas of education.

Learning to Learn

Our “Learning to Learn” projects center on supporting students in building skills that enable them to “learn about, understand, and drive their own learning.”  Through practices that range from developing a learning disposition to incorporating mindfulness into daily life, these fellows are enriching how students live and learn.

Learning Disposition

An ongoing project helping students overcome inevitable challenges of learning and helping a network of educators share classroom strategies.

Mathematics and Learning

The goal of this project is to empower teachers to be change agents in mathematics classrooms through a variety of strategies.

Mindful Community

Going into its second year, this project aims to support community members — students, staff, and faculty — in their cultivation of mindfulness in daily life.

Quiet Schools

A project that will explore ways to effectively support the needs of introverted students and faculty members and to identify and leverage their strengths.

Scientific Learning

Drawing on interdisciplinary, applied pedagogical approaches, the project aims to identify and assess student learning outcomes in science courses.

Hybrid and Online Learning

Drawing upon the best aspects of online and in-person learning experiences, faculty are utilizing and creating digital platforms and resources that enhance teaching at Andover and open up opportunities to new audiences of young people.

A Voice of Her Own: Fiction Workshop for Young Women

This hybrid workshop model will prepare young women writers for creative challenges and practical realities of sharing their work beyond the classroom.

Physics 550 Hybrid Project

A project to develop a diverse set of online physics modules and resources with a long-term goal of creatinig a mastery-based Physics 550 curriculum.

Tang-SYA Collaboration: Hybrid Calculus

A partnership to implement a year-long, hybrid calculus course as part of the SYA Spain curriculum.

Digital Platforms and Resources

With guidance from Jacques Hugon, the Institute’s technology partner, these fellows are integrating and building technology tools and platforms to streamline information and offer unique teaching and learning experiences.

Academy Compass

Online testing platform enabling students to take placement exams in mathematics, other academic subjects.

Citizen Historians and the Holocaust

Students will work with History Unfolded, a project of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Memento Mori

A collaborative among Phillips Academy and local organizations to document, analyze, and preserve two decaying, historical colonial burial grounds.