Creativity & Innovation

Imaginative pedagogy has long distinguished Andover’s academic excellence. To maintain a vibrant and cooperative intellectual community, we must formally implement this pursuit across the curriculum. We affirm a commitment to pedagogical and curricular innovation in which the analog and the digital complement each other. We will use novel and tailored methods to explore a dynamic course of study that introduces different points of view, provides the foundation for rigorous critical analysis, and encourages thoughtful problem-solving.

Goal: Implement new ideas in teaching and learning informed by the global dialogue on education.

Interdisciplinary Offerings

Astrobiology: Life Among the Stars

This course will embark on a journey to explore the field of astrobiology through the study of the origin, evolution, and distribution of life in the universe.

Math and Art Collaboration

Students in this class will be using math to generate designs and structures that will function as the starting point in the creation of unique and expressive works of art.

Natural Causes: How Climate Wrote History

Through a series of case studies, this class will investigate how civilizations have been influenced by weather and climate change.

Rethinking Learning

Promoting Mastery through Portfolio Assessment

This project will explore the possibility of implementing a portfolio-based approach to assessment in the math classroom.

The Data-Driven Classroom

This project will nourish connections between computer science and other disciplines through helping interested faculty members add computing elements to their curriculum.

Online Etymology

This work will reimagine what Andover’s etymology course looks like and expand access to the course with hybrid and online models.

Purpose and Proficiency in Spanish Curricula

The goal is to create a program of language study that puts student interests and needs at the center, while preparing them to interact in real situations in Spanish.

Mathematics Partnerships

Tang-SYA Collaboration: Hybrid Calculus

School Year Abroad (SYA) and Phillips Academy (PA) will continue to partner on implementing a yearlong, hybrid calculus course into the SYA Spain curriculum.

Technology Platforms

The Tang Institute will continue to support the development of two technology platforms that are enhancing mathematics instruction.

Department Efforts

Calculus: Continued Development of Online and Hybrid Course Materials

This project will build upon multiple to design, create, and gather resources related to teaching and learning Calculus through hybrid and online means.

Flipping the Physics Classroom

The long-term goal of this project is to create a “flipped classroom” in Physics 550, utilizing a hybrid approach.