Empathy & Balance

Andover’s founders charged the head of school with convincing students “of the several great duties they owe to . . . their neighbour, and themselves.” Self-awareness remains just as important today: health, balance, and resilience are essential to a life of sustained and meaningful contribution. But the outward-looking element of this historical imperative has become even more compelling thanks to a student body from around the country and the world. More neighbors with a greater variety of viewpoints await contemporary Andover students; we will teach them to consider their obligations to others and to embrace difference.

Goal: Prioritize mutual understanding and individual well-being as essential to a thriving community.

Scientific Learning

Now in its third year, this project is focused upon formally assessing a curriculum on the science of learning.

Learning in the World: Creating a Niswarth Global Network

This project aims to share the Niswarth program’s unique approach and launch a global network of schools and organizations.

Andover Arts Awareness

Data and other resources will enhance understanding of the important role that arts education plays in the health, wellness, and development of students.

Project-Based Statistics

This is a community-based learning statistics course that will enable students to implement learned knowledge to work with communities.