Equity & Inclusion

Marked in particular by the establishment of A Better Chance in 1963, co-education in 1973, and need-blind admission in 2008, Andover’s evolving definition of “youth from every quarter” has led to increased access. We continue our progress toward full equity by enhancing our educational program and support systems to prepare our students for life at and beyond Andover. New content, emphasis, and technique will yield deeper understanding.

Goal: Nurture the academic and personal growth of all students as they navigate a complex, intentionally diverse learning community.

The Rainbow at PA

This project will investigate and implement strategies for helping to make our campus one that visibly welcomes, represents, and embraces LGBTQ+ students and adults.

Reading with and against the Grain: A Comparison of History Textbooks from the Pacific Rim

Students will read various contesting and contentious narratives that bring light to the ongoing debate on history writing and rewriting.

Independent Schools, Institutional Whiteness, and Racial Socialization

This project will seek to hone a workable, research curriculum that explores whiteness (as well as non-white identity politics) and the ways in which it shapes our communities.

Teaching Religious Studies: A Digital Resource

A new digital resource aims to enhance teaching on religious studies and increase religious literacy in students for our increasingly globalized world.

Quiet Schools

A project that will explore ways to effectively support the needs of introverted students and faculty members and to identify and leverage their strengths.