Caroline Odden

Physics 550 Hybrid Project; Astrobiology: Life Among the Stars

Tang Fellow Ranbel Sun, in close collaboration with Tang Fellow Caroline Odden and members of the Physics department, are working together to develop a diverse set of online physics modules and resources. The long-term goal of this project is to create a mastery-based Physics 550 curriculum which utilizes a hybrid approach and will build a growing body of resources developed by PA Physics teachers. Using a variety of mastery learning strategies, including group-based, individualized, teaching and learning techniques, a key motivation will be to test approaches that enable students to move at their own pace through certain parts of the course, in order to achieve a high level of understanding in the process. Online resources will be designed and utilized to introduce content and provide initial feedback. Class time would shift towards learning more in-depth material, exploring demos, and working with peers. These combined approaches will aim to help the students take control of their learning, be accessible to students from diverse backgrounds and levels of familiarity with the content, and promote a growth mindset.

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