EduCompass is utilized across disciplines at Phillips Academy from the music department to (MS)2. Joel Jacob, Tang Fellow and math department chair, says it allows us to ask questions about how courses should be redesigned, which should be offered, where incoming students should be placed, and how students are performing. EduCompass and Amplify are tools for better understanding the future of learning at Andover.


With any new software or innovation, implementation must be intentional and progress can be slow. EduCompass and offshoot programs like Amplify are enduring examples of the innovative capacity of the Tang Institute and its partnerships.

Takeaways & Best Practices

EduCompass is being used by eight top schools for a variety of learning management applications — from tracking student performance, placing students in classes, or attendance. 

EduCompass is a premium example of the Tang Institute’s ability to uphold Phillips Academy’s mission to be a private school with a public purpose.

Teachers and administrators throughout Phillips Academy are using EduCompass to understand student competencies more fully. With the ability to understand student competencies through clear quantitative data, leaders can make better informed decisions about student learning and intervene more quickly when problems arise.

EduCompass aligns course placements to student levels, makes assessing performance data easier, and reduces student stress. By aligning a student’s skill set to a course, EduCompass relieves the burden of having to drop a course level or jump ahead.

Bottom Line

EduCompass has the potential for exponential impact both at Phillips Academy and throughout the United States.

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