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What is the Tang Institute?

The Tang Institute exists to support student learning. We fund faculty fellowships—often in interdisciplinary teams—to learn about and engage with central questions in education today. We also connect our learning with other educational leaders, sharing and growing our best ideas with local and global communities.

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Our Work   

Learn how the Tang Institute supports the interconnected learning experiences of Andover students and extends that learning out into the world

Our Fellows   

Faculty fellows design and lead projects that connect local and global communities on a range of topics, from ethics and computer science to mindfulness in daily life

The Workshop   

An immersive, interdisciplinary school term in which students explore a single topic through a variety of lenses, engage with community partners, and connect their learning to the broader world

From Our Blog

mindful education
Counteracting Blursday, One Moment at a Time

Mindfulness educator Alison Cohen shares mindfulness strategies for educators during challenging times.

Wikipedia and democracy
Whither Wikipedia, Whither Democracy?

The Workshop dives into the complex universe of Wikipedia in order to grapple with important lessons about democracy.

Ethi{CS} and Robotics
the ethi{CS} project in Robotics: Part I

Exploring ethical implications and responsibility in the robotics classroom.

ethical debt
Teaching Students to Live (Ethically) Debt-Free

A new and timely resource to teach ethical app design.

A Partnership Reflection: Working with The Westminster Schools

Precourt Director of Partnerships shares the parallels between good teaching and good partnership.

Mapping the Haitian Revolution
Ideas into Action: Mapping the Haitian Revolution

Institute fellows Stephanie Curci and Chris Jones develop interactive mapping tool to teach the Haitian Revolution.