What We Do

The Tang Institute is a center for teaching and learning at Phillips Academy. We work closely with instructors at Andover to help them reimagine learning and translate insights from educational research into their classroom practices. This work directly supports our students, who benefit from energized teachers and new pedagogical approaches.

Our Work:

  • Each year, the Institute welcomes 12 to 15 Tang Fellows to work on projects that advance teaching and learning at Andover with an emphasis on cross-disciplinary, collaborative work.
  • Internal collaboration across departments at Phillips Academy is essential to the Tang Institute’s mission. This pedagogical collaboration serves as valuable means for curricular, departmental, and pedagogical renewal within Phillips Academy. As such, the Tang Institute is responsible for initiating the Learning in the World program, The Workshop, Feedback First, BIO 100, and Andover Math Problems, among many other programs essential to Andover’s leadership in secondary education.
  • Over the past six years, the Tang Institute has helped teachers at Andover and beyond apply insights from educational research in their classrooms. The Feedback in Practice resource is used widely, and the 2022 – 2023 Action Research cohort enabled educators to bring about meaningful change in their home school environments through a sustained collaboration with the Klingenstein Center of Teachers College.
  • Current and past fellows have made advances in education technology with projects like EduCompass, the ethi{CS} project, and Mapping the Haitian Revolution.
  • External partnerships bring together schools, non-profits, and research centers for pedagogical collaboration that transforms teaching and learning at Andover. The Institute has undertaken sustained collaboration with educators at a range of organizations, including Khan Academy, Harvard’s Opportunity Insights, Duke’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship program, Harvard Divinity School, and Global Online Academy.
  • The Tang Institute hosts a range of gatherings and events for members in the local community, including mindfulness sessions, student presentations, and public talks by academics such as Dr. Angela Duckworth, Dr. Denise Pope, Dr. Nicole Furlonge, and Chenxing Han. These events bring together educators in community and spark further conversation and collaboration across schools.

Launched in 2014, the Tang Institute was founded to catalyze innovative approaches to teaching and learning, with the goal of having lasting impact on campus and beyond. We remain grateful to Oscar Tang ​’56 for his significant foundational gift.

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