A Lab for Ideas

The Tang Institute is an ideas lab dedicated to developing and sharing innovative approaches to teaching and learning.  

What is the Tang Institute?

The Tang Institute helps to prepare students for today’s complex and interconnected world. We explore and develop innovative approaches to teaching and learning and engage in an exchange of knowledge on campus and in education more broadly. This collaboration and exploration allows us to introduce impactful learning experiences to students.

Within this purpose is a commitment to three emerging areas in education: learning to learn, hybrid and online learning, and digital platforms and resources.

What I want most is for our faculty here to be engaged in testing, exploring, and assessing—really carefully assessing--emerging ideas in education. Ultimately, what we’re trying to do is to serve our kids better.

John Palfrey Head of School

How do we do this?

  • Call for Ideas: We put out an annual call for fellowship proposals to faculty members, then work with senior leadership to select the most promising ideas.
  • Explore and Develop: We support our fellows with time and resources to explore their ideas and develop prototypes.
  • Share and Engage: We help our fellows share their work at Andover and engage with partners beyond campus to exchange ideas and knowledge.

Learning in the World: Providing in-depth, off-campus learning experiences for students.

Our Work: Fellows working on projects in emerging areas of education.